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 If you purchase a paintball marker from Bulldog Front and it cost more than $900, you get free service if something breaks.  You ship it here, Pay for any parts over $50 that are needed and I ship it back fix and tuned in.  All products are subject to availability of course.  


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Sometimes You have great ideas. Early in the year 1999 I started down the great idea path with no idea what I was doing or where it would end up. With virtually no money and not a lot time I started a Paintball field.

 Bulldog Front started with one field behind my barn and constantly grew for 14 years. Eventually closing with a PSP 5man tournament Airball field, a 3man Airball field and 4 huge wooded fields encompassing around 9 total acres. Known for our outstanding customer service, low prices and manicured fields we set the standard in Midwest. 

Our tourney teams, Juggernaut the -multi-sponsored players and Unsung our Young Guns teams made a name for themselves in tournaments all over the Greater St Louis area. Our guys were known for being fair and fierce on the field and genuine and helpful off of the field. They've all grown into excellent young men, I'm proud.

There are moments in competition when problems are abundantly clear. We had everything but the gear. 

A bad showing at a early tournament, we were out-gunned. I said, "Boys that's the last time we bring a knife to a gunfight". From that point we only used the highest quality goods.  

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